About us

Let's get to know each other

Our story

How did we begin?

Corey and Zach each rented fleets of cars through Turo and Getaround. In 2017, they independently developed separate and complementary applications to solve problems they were experiencing with owning and operating these fleets, automating time-intensive tasks like tracking mileage, syncing calendars across platforms, messaging renters, and requesting reimbursements for tolls.

Zach learned Python and duct-taped a set of scripts to a Google Sheets “front-end”. He knew he was onto something when other fleet owners started to beg to pay him to use his “application”. He accepted their offers and they became StreetSmarts’ first users and the source of early revenue.

Corey built a functional and professional Rails app prototype and was planning to launch a StreetSmarts competitor when one of StreetSmarts’ early users, Patrick Schinzel, introduced Corey to Zach. They hit it off and decided to join forces!

Our team

Zach Goldfine

Washington, DC

Zach loves making things that make people happy. In his free time, he likes to scour a city for a good burrito, read, play chess, hang with his wife and friends, and learn new ways to make things.

Corey Psoinos

Brooklyn, NY

Corey just likes to "build cool $h!t". You can usually find him at his computer, or on a couch with husband and his two dogs (with his computer in his lap). He's been known to enjoy drinks with friends (especially if there's food involved), though chances are he'll be late because he's gotten on the subway going the wrong direction...

Raph Hyde

Principal Designer
Seattle, WA

Raphael is a curious creative with a passion for adventure, technology, and behavioral psych. When he's not in the mountains riding or climbing he loves playing with pixels, data and design systems.

Our mission

To make it easy as pie to make money renting cars.