With StreetSmarts Remote Key Handoff, there's no need to meet your guests

StreetSmarts can automatically detect license uploads, send messages with access codes, and integrate with auto unlock systems

StreetSmarts features

StreetSmarts believes in helping you automate parts of your business so you can spend time doing things that are important to you!

Automated messaging

Send custom messages for every rental, automatically. Our tools empower you to make every message dynamic and personal: address the customer by name; share your car’s exact location just before the customer picks it up; or, send a friendly reminder letting the customer know they can extend the rental anytime before the end of their trip.

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Remote key handoffs

Getaround gives your renters the tools to securely unlock your car during their rentals. Do the same for your Turo rentals with StreetSmarts. Don't have Getaround? No problem. We support Directed and Viper SmartStart security systems, as well.

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Toll management

Request reimbursement for toll fees from your guests in one click. Or, schedule them to run automatically. StreetSmarts gathers and matches tolls to your rentals, saving you both time and money.

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